IVL Network utilizes state of the art Polycom video conferencing technologies to allow clients to teach, train and communicate around the world or across town utilizing face-to face, real-time electronic communications.

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Carbon Offset
Shrink your carbon footprint and reduce travel expenses by utilizing video conferencing technology to communicate with customers, staff, family and friends.

Did You Know?
For every 3 meetings held by video conference instead of flying cross-country, it would be like taking a car completely off the road for an entire year. Source

IVL Defined

IVL is an acronym for:

  • Interactive – Allows for effective, two-way audio and video communication between two or more parties.
  • Virtual – Because the video and voice come over simultaneously, it is as if you are standing next to one another—you are “virtually there.”
  • Learning – The primary function and purpose of the company is to improve the way we learn and to make it easier to disseminate information.


For businesses, IVL Network translates into reduced travel costs and the accompanying loss of productivity associated with being out of the office. For the trainer or professional speaker, it translates into the ability to reach more people in a shorter time and eliminates the need for frequent travel. For the learner, it translates into being able to learn from the very best in the industry without having to leave the office or classroom to interact with them. For the frequent traveler or those geographically separated from family, it allows real-time, face-to-face communication.

IVL Network helps clients realize the benefits of video conferencing technologies and supplies content for teaching and training needs. Contact IVL Network at info@ivlnetwork.com for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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